Why I quit my motorbike

I used to ride a bike to school in 1st-year time, then I used my motorbike instead because that bike with the very hot weather of Saigon somehow made me exhausted. 2 years with motorbike is also awesome, being a shipper riding all day, being a traveler riding along the beach, being a volunteer taking newbie students to school, being a good friend lending my buddies my motorbike when theirs doesn’t work.

In Vietnam, most of people wear marsk whenever they’re outside, even when they’re on bus. I’ve found out 2 reasons for that. First, people are scared that the sunshine will harm their face and make them uglier. Second, the dust will harm their health. Eveything harms. Whatever, people still choose motorbike as a companion though they clearly know it is the reason they have to use a marsk. People have not many choices instead. The Vietnamese are beautiful, I don’t want to see people keep hiding their beautiful face anymore. please show it to the world, beautiful people.  For me, I finally choose to be with a bicycle though it’s not so convenient. I’ve been on bike to work 13 kilometers from home, I am still a shipper with my bike, I still have fun and fun beats convenience.

Vietnam now has nearly 45 millions motorbikes and I think it’s reaching 50 millions next year. The citizens still want to buy a new one even the old one still works. Pollution increases. I don’t want to see my city polluted as New Delhi or Beijing (as what I read from Internet). I can’t make people stop using but I can decrease the pollution by not being with it anymore . I want Government to withdraw the motor and make the tax of it higher so that people finally choose green-bike to protect the country from pollution and themselves from illness or weakness. But that’s what I want, not people’s want. So I choose to decrease not to stop. For more, I can inspire them, I’m trying to get it so hard.

Guys, I call my bike Barney. Since being with Barney, I’ve felt myself as an awesome person. I have a plan of cycling through some countries and meet my Malaysian friend Azam on my way. He’s also gonna begin his cycling trip the same time with me. It’s more than great for an alone trip with Barney. One other reason I choose bicycle is that I  won’t be in trouble with police. All day everyday many motor drivers get in trouble with traffic police and not many of them can get over it. Some have to palm to make things easier, some have to see theirs seized. How about me? I still sing along the street. I don’t need to mind about this prolem, no police cares about bike.

For me, my bike makes my life easier despite inconvenience.


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